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The Chameleons

Cifrado: Principal (guitarra y guitarra eléctrica)
Selo Cifra Club: esta cifra foi revisada para atender aos critérios oficiais da nossa Equipe de Qualidade.
tono: G
Tuning: Standard

G                Em                     C                 D
I recall the closing door and I remember seeing shadows cross the
G                           C   D  Dsus4 D
stained-glass stare
G                           Em                              C                        D
Long before the strangers came down to steal our clothing and our consciences
    G                        C                           D                  D            F# D F# D
And long before, eyes were empty   hearts were cold

          F#                                   D       F#                    D
We'll watch the rattlesnake slide, slowly swerve into view, to
F#                         D          F#                           D
Tease and tantalize, to suck your senses and spit out the pieces
F#                       D                          F#                   D
Magazine girl, she is living in a different world, or is it a he?
     F#                                   D    F#                        D
Pull back the curtain my son, I look around-- the color has gone
G                   Am                     Em                     G                Am
And slowly darkness descends upon me.  Paradiso, I know you lie--
Em                            F#  D  F#  D
that much is clear (to me).

                  F#                           D                                D
While the serpent sings his song to so many sleeping staring eyes
           F#                        D                F#              D
Like sheep they sing along and clap in time to a heart that's beating
F#                  D                           F#          D
Crazy child, she is wicked oh she is wild and so enticing
        F#                        D           F#                                D
Pull back the curtain today, I look around me and the color is gray
G                     Am                        Em               G         Am
Gray as this ghost town that towers above me.  Paradiso, I know you lie--
That much is clear (to me)

F  G  Em
F  G  Am  G
F  G  Em

I see the poet and the fool walking hand in hand to school
G                             Em                         C             D
  And I recall the lonely outcast and I remember laughing children
          G                           C            D           F#              D
It was long before their eyes were empty,  hearts were cold

F# D F# D

      F#                       D                                                               D
So dance this final dance with me and wrap your sting around my spine
     F#                        D                          F#                         D
Will poison wash away the tears, wipe the world from my mind
F#                 D                              F#                       D
Look up--- what can you do?  I looked around the color was blue
F#            D                             F#                                  D
Wise up, it's in your head, I looked around me and the color was red
G                    Am                Em                        G              Am
Red as the words that I read on the wall, paradiso-- kingdoms rise,
So must they fall

G                Am                 Em                             Am                      Em
And only ashes remain in the end, paradiso-- I know you lie, lies without end
                  G                 Am        Em                          G         Am        Em
I'll see it again and again and again, I'll see it again and again and again
Em C          Em C          Em C Em
     Paradiso,     paradiso
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