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Ain't It The Life

Foo Fighters

Tablatura: Principal (guitarra)
tono: C
   C Am
   Dear Haley, can you save me from the borrowed cloud I'm on

   Ab5 A#5 C
   All you gotta do is try,

   G5 F5
   Pray you're just getting by

   C Am
   Hey wait I thought you'd made it How'd your bottled crown fall off

   Ab5 A#5 C
   Tell me how'd you get so tired

   G5 F5
   Faded down to the wire

   G C5 B5
   Try living a lie and kicking out the same old guise

   Ab5 C
   Wasting time, so very ordinary

   Wait until my bomb goes off

   Ab5 A#5 C
   See the actors run and hide

   G5 F5
   Fake it all in stride

   C Am
   One day we all can say we're gone And haunt the ground we're from

   Ab5 A#5 C
   Everything's so open wide

   G5 F5
   Here within the divide

   C Am C
   Am Ab5 A#5 C
   Aint it the life, Aint it the life , Aint it the life got no crime,
   just sail on by

   G5 F5
   Sail on by
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