Cifra Club

Serpent Boy

Hed Pe

Selo Cifra Club: esta cifra foi revisada para atender aos critérios oficiais da nossa Equipe de Qualidade.

Count the days
Don't hold your breath
Chikitee chek 2012
The perpetrator never knew
Never properly represent the struggle
The boy in the bubble is you not barbarino
My flows unclog your souls like draino
My logic-tight like plato
Whoop ass like kato
With more troops than nato
Wrekkin your house
Like a tornado in the barbados
Drop down give props to the third rock
First come first serve shake the spot
See you not so big like you thought you was
Not my blood not my cuz
Not mi familia
I play like amnesia when I sees ya
Who needs ya
Ridin my dick like a skeezah
Take a look around
You forgot what you came here for
What's your theory
Why ya try to play that game
You can forget my name
Take a look around
Take a deep breath
Recollect yourself
You a zero
You don't respect yourself
Still running that weak ass game
You can forget my name
Time to bury the bloody hatchet in your
Motherfucking back
I laugh when I hear yo rib cage crack
Breakin you down
Fukkin you up like sprack
You always mixin up yo fiction with yo facts
Now i'm-a-let you know
What the soul for real is
Come correct,let me know what the deal is
Bro, pack your bowl, with my flow
Shit just ain't workin out
No, i'm-a-have to let you go
Ain't no love no mo
Take a look around...
Take a deep breath
Recollect resurrect
Run a check from the neck up
You fucked up
Still runnin that wekass game
Try to forget my name
What's yo theory?
Ain't no love...

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