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Travelling Alone


Selo Cifra Club: esta cifra foi revisada para atender aos critérios oficiais da nossa Equipe de Qualidade.

Australian man, Scandinavian town
Kicking stones around the square
He sat for a while, forced out a smile
As if someone would care
Said I’m a long way from the gold coast
Furthest I’ve ever known
This just ain’t my home
It was my wife’s idea but she’s no longer here
She left me travelling alone
Oh, I never heard silence
Ring out like a bell
I never heard silence like last night in my expensive hotel
See I’m loving a shadow, trying to catch the rain
I never heard silence, like I heard it today

Well she walked out of the hotel
I could still smell the smoke, of a burning heart left inside
She said men are all assholes and life’s a bad joke
She laughed and started to cry
Well, 10 years with this man and a life time of plans
You know I loved him to his bones
but now I’ve lines on my skin and he’s traded me in
Left me travelling alone

Oh, I’ve never heard silence
It hit me like a train
I’ve never felt silence
Like my blood courses through my veins
Oh, I’m loving a shadow
and I’m trying to catch the rain
I never felt silence
Like I felt it today
I never felt silence
Like I felt it today

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