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Cifrado: Versão 2 (guitarra y guitarra eléctrica)
Selo Cifra Club: esta cifra foi revisada para atender aos critérios oficiais da nossa Equipe de Qualidade.
tono: C
   F    C                      F     C

   F       C       G         Am7                     F        |
E|-------------------------|---------------------------------| |
B|---------------1-------0-|-----1---------1-----1-----------| |
G|-0h2---0---0-------0-----|-----------0-------------2p0---0-| |
D|-----3-------2-------0---|-----2-------2-------2-------3---| |
A|---------3---------------|-0-------0-------0---------------| |
E|-1---------------3-------|-------------------------1-------| |

  C                      F
E|-------------------------------| | last bar x2
B|----1---------1-----1----------| |
G|----------0-------------2p0---0| |
D|----0h2-----2-------2-------3--| |
A|-3------3-------3--------------| |
E|------------------------1------| |

This pattern goes on during the verse.

[Verse 1]
               F    C
Well, I've got open eyes,
       F     C
And an open door,
      F           C      G          Am7
But I don't know what I'm searching for.
          F       C            F       C
I should know by now.

           F        C
See I've a big old heart,
        F        C
This I know for sure,
       F          C     G         Am7
But I don't know what my love is for.
          F       C
I should know by now.

F     |Am7 G  |C     |F     |
F     |C      |F     |C     |    <- Fingerpicking pattern is the same as in the 
end of the intro (between double bars)

[Verse 2]
           F       C
Well, I'll wait in line,
         F         C
So I can wait some more,
        F        C             G         Am7
'Till I can't remember what i came here for,
       F          C
But I can't leave now,

              F          C
Cause I've a light that shines,
       F       C
And a love so pure,
       F         C       G        Am7
But I don't know what to use them for.
          F       C
I should know by now.

F     |Am7 G  |C     |F     |   x7

Well I spent my money,
I lost my friends,
    C                 F
I broke my mobile phone
3AM and I'm drunk as hell,
         C              F
And I'm dancing on my own
Taxi-cabs ain't stopping,
       C                 F         F
And I dont know my way home,

          F               G           C                F   
Well it's hard to find a reason, when all you have is doubts,
                    G                 C                   F
Hard to see inside yourself when you can't see your way out,
                 G               C                   F
Hard to find an answer when the question won't come out,

F                      G                C                                F
Everyone's filling me up with noise, I don't know what they're talking about (x3),
        (F)             (G)          (C)             (F)
You see all I need is a whisper in a world that only shouts.
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