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Give It A Day


Cifrado: Principal (guitarra y guitarra eléctrica)
Selo Cifra Club: esta cifra foi revisada para atender aos critérios oficiais da nossa Equipe de Qualidade.
tono: Bm
D               F#
Increase Mather told her dad, yeah
    Bm         A
"I roundly disagree with you
      G                 Gm
Your vocal style's to preachy
All the yokels mock your teaching."
     D             F#        Bm  A
But Cotton, he was just so oblivious
   G          Gm      D
To all their cutting pleas
D                 F#
Soon the townfolk took to it,
   Bm              A
In every pew they looked to him
    G                  Gm
For guidance just like eyeless lambs
Awaiting that ol' kebab stand
The skeptics formed
The nation's born
     Bm                A
They want to have it, Cotton's dream
     G                 Gm
But Increase had them mounted
And they burned on open fires
       Bm          A         G
So the word spread just like small pox
F#       E
In the Sudan
The gentry cried:

over D F# Bm A G Gm (verse chords):
"Give it a day!" x6

D                    F#
Years and years have passed
           Bm         A         G
Since the puritans invaded our soul
                Gm        D 
Just like those arab terrorists.. you'll never know
      D                  F#
But today the gods can't make us quake,
   Bm                A
We see our lives as situations
G                 Gm
Eyes are eyes and teeth are teeth,
Well mine are rotten underneath
      Bm       A      G         F#       E
I got two ways we can separate from the clan
           G    A#   C       D 
If I could fly...I...could...fry

 D             F#       Bm        A    G
And I hope you profited from this bulletin
And it stabilized your land
You're drenched, you're fired, your Alzheim clan, but
D           F#                Bm
Your father    is another one of them
I don't wanna mention him again, cause
  G                  Gm
I talked to him last night,
He hates my guts
We had a fight
And he called you a slut girl,
Why's that?
G            F#    E               G
What did you do to him to make him think...?
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