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Be With You

The Bangles

Cifrado: Principal (guitarra y guitarra eléctrica)
tono: D
(intro) Em  C   D

        Em         C              D
Out my window the rain starts to fall
         Em                   C      D
And the wind blows through an empty hall
        Em            C           D
In the mirror, oo reflections of you
G                  A7
In the distance i hear a sound
G                    B7
Is that you coming around?

Em              C              D
(what you gonna do)
             oh what you gonna do
Em                 C                D
(i think i should)
                   i think i should be with you
Em                     C              D      Em
(a love thats over due)
                    a love thats over due
    C                D         Em
Ohh i think i should be with you

           Em             C       D
Thought i saw you in a strangers face
          Em                    C     D
Should i call you, or should i walk away
           Em         C         D
Round the corner is around the world
G                        A7
Is that you looking at me
G                      B7
Or am i living a dream?


A                         B                    C#m
And when i'm lost in a dream you are al i can see
                  A                     E
All alone in the night i'm waiting for you
                  B                        C#m
Every moment i'd die, just to look in your eyes
               A          F#m
The dream is alive i'm waiting
     E/G#         A                     B                 E    C  D
Oh my, how i'd try to make you see that i should be with you
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