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Goodnight My Love

The Happenings

Cifrado: Principal (guitarra y guitarra eléctrica)
Selo Cifra Club: esta cifra foi revisada para atender aos critérios oficiais da nossa Equipe de Qualidade.
tono: Bm

G            D
Goodnight my love.
           Em        C               D   Am
Bless your heart and sleep tight, my loooove.

G                  D        C
Never thought that I'd ever want to be leaving 
Dm    G
C          Am                G
You're the dearest girl I've known and there's 
F              G         C
nothing that I own, that I wouldn't want to 

give to you.

G             F
But late last night after we kissed goodnight 
    C                       F
and I started home..I met a girl so sweet and 
beautiful and very alone.
And then I gazed into her eyes and knew how much 

she wanted me and her lips were just as soft as 
      A  C    D
could be-eeee-eeee.

G         F  D                Em        C
Goodnight my love..bless your heart and sleep tight 
   D    Am       G
my looooove..goodnight.

G                     D         C
No tears that I could cry would justify my hurting 
F              C                    Am
yoooou..and my words would sound so cheap..
                 G                     C
if I said that I meant to keep all the promises I 
made to you.
           F                                 C
I tried to tell her that I loved you but she just 

didn't care.
           F                                   Am
And in the dark of night she pulled the ribbon out 

of her hair.
C             F
And there was nothing in the world that could have 

made me let her go, girl, I'm sorry but I just love 
    A        D
her so..ohhh-ohhhhh.

G         F  D     G         F  D     Bb          Ab
Goodnight my love..goodnight my love..sleep tight my 

        B               Abm7            Db
It's so hard to say goodbye to you, the words they 
don't sound right.
         Dbm             Bm             Db
So, I'll say the words I always used to say, when I held 
you so tight.

Ab        Gb Eb                         Ab        Gb Eb
Goodnight my love..(goodnight my love)..goodnight my love..
                       Ab        Gb Eb
(sleep tight my love)..goodnight my love..(Fade.)
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