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Get Off My Back Mother F*Cker

U.S. Crush

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Get off My back Motherfucker
I'm a punk at heart and a rebel by trade, indignation is mymiddle name
Won't put up gotta fight when you try to hold me down
It's been 14 years and a million tears, time to take care of debtthat is in arrears
I'm just too close you aren't gonna stop me now
You can suppress my heart and suppress my life the one thing youcan't suppress is my mind
You try to tell me this, try to tell me that
I'm gonna hit you with a baseball bat I said

Whoa, get off my back motherfucker
whoa, get off my back motherfucker
can't you see what you're doing to me whoa
I'm okay even though I'm not like you

I'm a punk at heart and a rebel by trade indignation is my middlename
I won't put up gotta fight when you try to hold me down
Cause you pushed me here insulted me there, your uniform codefesters everywhere,
square peg round hole you'll never be satisfied
You try to crush my scene, try to crush my dream
you don't even know what the hell it means
Put me in my place, I don't fit your taste,
I'm gonna shove it back in your face I said

Everybody's got a secret, everybody plays a game
I'm coming at you better learn my name
And everybody has a reason, for all the stupid things they do
Next time I'll be coming back for you

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