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Looking For Love


Cifrado: Principal (guitarra y guitarra eléctrica)
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tono: G
I'm tired of waiting - And closing my eyes 
                                       C       Bm7   Am 
I'm asking myself - Why is it all my horizons 
Are so far away 
I look in the mirror - Don't like what I see 
                                            C   Bm7  Am 
In my reflection - A stranger is staring at me 
Looking for love 
The love of a woman - The needs of a man 
                                           C       Bm7  Am  
I try so hard to believe  but I don't understand 
The search goes on 
But over the mountains - Across the sea  
                                              C  Bm7  Am 
I know love is waiting - I hear it calling to me 
Calling my name 
                C          D 
I'm looking for love all around me 
            C           D 
Looking for love to surround me 
    C                   D                      Em D Em D 
The love that I need To rescue the state of my heart 
Alone again, it's always the same   
I've just been marking my time 
                    C Bm7 Am                     Em 
Since the day I was born          With no one to blame 
The candle is burning - It's way down low 
                                       C     Bm7    Am 
I just need someone to show me the way - the way to go 
Which way to go.
Composición de David Coverdale / John Sykes
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  • Ludmilla Correa
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