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Falling Off


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Hi again!
It had been a while since I checked the site. Thanks for the credit,
though it really wasn't necessary. Credit should be given to Joe and Brad
for giving us something to play.

Anyway, I have the chords to Falling Off. I could tab the intro, but the
mail thing I'm in now has that text where each letter is a different size
so I can't make a good tab.
Well, I can try:
Actually, I was wrong. I can make tabs in here. Yeehaw!
Anyway, the intro is played under an A chord.

D        A                  D            A
I was a young man whose intentions were good
etc... (D A D A for the rest of the verse)

Em            C       G     D           Am      C
I keep falling off,       I keep falling off

G      Em         D     C       C          D     G
My    eyes don't wanna see, my ears don't wanna hear

Em          D       C
(?The things that make me feel?)
C       D   B                  C                  D
They keep me so endeared to you, it makes me think, is that the...

solo: chorus chords

That's basically it. I love playing this on an acoustic, like a folk
song. It's really cool. Now I just need to get this song on CD.
By the way, do you know if the Hole In My Soul CD single is available on
CD? I was told it's only on cassette.
Thanks a bunch!
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