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Rainy Day


Tablatura: Principal (guitarra)
Tom: G#
(intro 8x) Eb   G#  

(verse 1)
Then there was rain
           G#                            Eb
The sky wore a veil of gold and green
       G#                                            Eb
At night it was the bright of the moon with me
  G#                           Eb                         G#
Time is just floating

(verse 2)
Then there was rain
         G#                                   Eb
The sound foundations are crumbling
                          G#                                Eb
Through the ground comes a bit of a-tumbling
         G#                                  Eb
And time was just floating away
We can watch it and stay

And we can listen

(pre chorus 2x) Eb  A 

C#             G#                 Eb
Oh rainy day, come 'round
C#                            G#                    Eb
  Sometimes i just want it to slow it down
C#                     G#          Eb
 And we're separated now, i'm down
               C#                                   G#
But i love it when you come over to the house
I love it when you come to my house

( Eb   G# )  (8x)

(verse 1 & 2)
(chorus 3x)
reproducciones 210
Acordes para:
    Composição: Chris Martin / Guy Berryman / Jon Buckland / Will Champion Colaboración y revision:
    • Giovanni Biasi

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