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Johnny's Band

Deep Purple

Cifrado: Principal (guitarra y guitarra eléctrica)
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tono: G
[Intro] A  G  G  D  A  A  G  A  A  G  G  D  A  A  D

       E5                         G
Johnny Jones woke up one day from dreaming
     E5                                A
Told Bill the bass and soon they had a plan
   E5                             C
He passed it on to Pete and Crazy Benny
    G                   A
Ah, suddenly they had a band

D   G        Bm
Hey Johnny's Band
   D                A/C#      Bm
He sure knew how to work up a crowd
    D               G            Bm
The sound that they made put the rest in the shade
        G    Bm       A
And the word soon got around (Intro riff)

     E5                             G
They played every dance hall in the city
E5                            A
Wrote themselves a cool forty-five
       E5                    C
With a bullet it shot to the top of the pops
   G                      A
Oh man it was good to be alive

D    G        Bm
Hail Johnny's Band
D            A      Bm
Hear them on the radio
D           G                 Bm
Smash after smash now they're rolling in the cash
    G         D              A     D
Whatever they touch turns to gold

[Solo] C  F  G  F  C  F  G  G  C  F  A  F  C  G  E5  G  E5  G  E5  C  G/B  D

E5                       G
Benny went down with the hard stuff
    E5                     A
And Pete joined a cult in LA
E5                      C
Johnny and Bill started going downhill
        G            D        A
And the crowds began melting away

    D         G        Bm
But hey, it's Johnny's Band
        D        A             Bm
Playing Saturday nights at The Crown
    D             G            Bm
The beards may be long and the money's long gone
       G           D              A
It's a wonder that they're still around
    D         G        Bm
But hey, it's Johnny's Band
D                 A         Bm
Playing all those wonderful songs
D          G                Bm
Making the rounds with that old fashioned sound
    G           D        A
And here we are singing along
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