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Flying Horses


Cifrado: Principal (guitarra y guitarra eléctrica)
Selo Cifra Club: esta cifra foi revisada para atender aos critérios oficiais da nossa Equipe de Qualidade.
tono: G
Intro Part 1:

Play this two times. In the Gut the Van version, the harmonica was played basically 
part 1 of the intro, but the one off Silent Steeples isn't.

Intro Part 2: The guitar becomes softer here, as the harmonica takes over. Play these 
softly behind the harmonica.
G  D  Em,  C  G  D
G  D  Em,  C  G  D

And thus begins the 1st Verse. Make sure to the play the chords on the exact words that 
was put on:
G              D                      Em             Em (With picking)
  The River of Doubt gave birth to a, beautiful stone
G                D              Em
And in my hand I held it, and I knew I was on my own,
Em (Picking)
So I picked it up,
G         D              Em  (Three silent beats pass...)
      And held it to the sky...
G            D           Em
 And in my reflection, I knew I was all alone,
    Em      G                D
Yeah, Yeah...then I saw this girl with the most
  beautiful hair, she had it
G               D          Em
 Wrapped around her, for clothes she did not wear.
G                  D                   Em (Three silent beats pass...)
 I asked her for a lock, and she complied,
after leaving
G                      D            Em               (Let silence begin here)
 Georgous footsteps in the sand, as if she didn't care.

Now here's the Chorus. Let the silence continue from the 1st verse right up to beginning 
"prettiest", where G begins. In the chorus, the C chord is seen, like it was seen in 
                    G                 D
Well... She was the prettiest girl I ever saw and
Em                                       C
stone lay still without a flaw, and the feelings I
       G                  D
had to fight the law as I came to, and I went to
      G                   D
And I took a look, a look down the road, to see a
Em                                       C
badger, and a one eyed toad. They didn't say a word,
          G                  D
They just looked at me with that,
                     G D Em   C G D    D
Wise old look of the old...   Yeah...  Wise old look of the
G D Em   C G D
old...   Yeah...

Basically do the same thing that I pointed out in the first verse, the same rhythm, just 
the chords at the different words. It's easy to figure out. This is the second verse:

And then I went down to town
To my favorite, merry-go-Round, to the place
where magic horses fly
And you seldom see a frown

And here's my favorite part of the song, the Bridge:
                     G                 D
But then I stole the ring, from the flying horses,
  and I can't begin to explain now. (Move quickly into the next line)
G                            D
I stole the ring from the flying horses,
Em          C   C   C
  And its all rusty now,
G                            D
I stole the ring from the flying horses,
  And I can't begin to explain now

G                             D
 I stole the ring from the flying horses,
Em            C   C   C
  And its all rusty now,
Its all rusty...

Here is the third verse. Just do, once again, what I said entering the second verse. Do 
same thing as the first verse.:

Ya see, cause that stone fell through my pocket
And that loch of hair blew away with the wind
If you Chance to see a pawn either, Well...
You know where they've been.

Here the chorus again. As I've said for the second and third verse, follow what the 
chorus says:

But don't pick them up or try to find me
We're much happier to be on our own
Beauty like that knows, no
And if you take a look, a look down the road
You'll see a badger and a one eyed toad
They won't say a word they'll just look at you with that, wise old look of the old... Yeah...
Wise old look of the old... Yeah....

Here's the solo. Mainly it's a sweet harmonica solo, but the guitar plays under it 
It's the exact same chords from the intro, part 2.
G  D  Em,  C  G  D
G  D  Em,  C  G  D

Now, finally to end the song, play the bridge and fade away.
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