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Bell Botton Blues

Eric Clapton

Tablatura: Principal (guitarra)
Tom: G

        [N.C.]       C            E/B           Am            C/G
           v   v     v  v  v  v    v  v  v  v    v  v  v  v    v  v  v  v

                                     [Riff 1:]
         F             G              F        C           G 
         v  v  v  v    v  v  v   v    v     v     v     v       v v v v

Verso 1:

                      C        E/B     Am   C/G
        Bell Bottom Blues, you made me cry
                       F                G     F C G [Riff 1]
        I don't wanna lose this feeling
                     C       E/B     Am   C/G
        If I could choose a place to die
                    F             G
        It would be in your arms


        A                    E/G#             F#m         D  E
        Do you wanna see me crawl across the floor to you
        A                    E/G#               F#m
        Do you wanna hear me beg you to take me back
              D    E
        I'd gladly do it, because
         A              Amaj7/C# A7   D                E
        (I don't want to fade  away) Give me one more day, please
         A              Amaj7/C# A7  D                E
        (I don't want to fade  away) In your heart I wanna stay

        F C G  [Riff 1]

Verso 2:

        It's all wrong, but it's all right
        The way that you treat me, baby   ...mmmm
        Once I was strong, but I lost the fight
        You won't find a better loser

[repeat chorus]

[guitar solo over verse chords]

[repeat chorus]

Verso 3:

        Bell Bottom Blues, don't say goodbye
        We're surely gonna meet again
        And if we do, dontcha be surprised
        If you find me with another lover   ...oh!
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    • igor mello

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