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Let's Go


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One shine like an oil spill
Or rainbow and cartwheels
A dirty coin in the snow
Go fly like a kite
In the wind and you might
Not ever come down or come home

'Cause if life is an ocean
Then love is an island
And freedom is a boat you can row

So let's go, ah, yeah

Oh, take a chance if it feels right
Dance 'neath the street lights
Get drunk and howl up at the moon
Sing loud and sing strong
Sing all the words wrong
We sing your own tune

'Cause if life is a journey
Then love is a sign post
And freedom's a fork in the road

So let's go, ah, yeah
Let's go, ah, yeah

So go on sprinkle like starlight
Like Christmas and car lights
Like gold on an old wedding rings
That your grandmother gave when she
Passed away, to teach you
People were more precious than things
Hey, hey, hey

So maybe just one time
Lay 'neath the sunshine
See the faces and shapes in the clouds
Go out in the rain like a runaway train
And run till the road runs out

Live life, don't dream it
Love like you mean it
Being free as the river that flows

Let's go, ah, yeah, yeah
Let's go, ah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, oh

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