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Bell Jarr

The Bangles

Cifrado: Principal (guitarra y guitarra eléctrica)
tono: D
(intro) D  A  D

She walks in the room and checks out the faces

We think she's all the seven wonders of the world
A7                                    D     D7
But theres a sadness hidden in the bizarre
A7                                  D
Moonlight and madness living in a bell jar

She dresses in black 'cause sorrow is a magnet

Everything comes to her like it was meant to be
A7                                          D     D7
But she's frustrated leaving things as they are
A7                             D
What she created living in a bell jar

( D (no3rd)   E (no3rd)  F (no3rd)  G (no3rd)  A )

Bm               G                  A
She feels so at home, she's never alone
But she's oh so lonely
              G                    A
What is the crime in knowing your mind
         D    A/C#  Em/B  A
Set it free

Attached to a mirror in her glass-sided prison

She writes the note that will excuse her from this world
A7                                D     D7
Its complicated living in a bell jar
A7                            D
She's suffocated living in a bell jar
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