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Glitter Years

The Bangles

Tablatura: Principal (guitarra)
tono: G
(intro) G C (3x)
        Am D

            G              A          D      A/C#  Bm
Denny was working it real hard, down sunset boulevard
                  C          D
Back in nineteen seventy three
              G            A                 D       A/C#   Bm
Why would he bother going home, his parents left him on his own
      Em7          Asus
Who knows, maybe they were out getting stoned

   D            D/C#      D/C              G
I don't really know, how we survived the glitter years
  D         A/C#          D/C        G                   A
What did we do it all for? do you remember the glitter years?

             G               A                   D           A/C#       Bm
We were the lost and lonely ones, we hid in the discotheques all night long
                        C       D
'till we could see the morning sun
             G                 A                    D                A/C#    Bm
Denny was king he'd rock the place, dressed like a working girl from outer space
        Em7                       Asus
He was dancing like he wanted to dance his life away


( D  G   A  D  G  E  A )

Bm    C                    A/C#       D                    G
In december of seventy four, denny wrecked his father's car
        Em                     Asus  A   D                                   G  C
Driving home that night he was singing:    "you better hang on to yourself"

   D             D/C#     D/C              G
I don't really know, how we survived the glitter years, i don't...
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