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I Fall Down


Tablatura: Principal (guitarra)
Tom: C
A                             G 
Julie says: "John I'm getting nowhere. 
A                                   G 
I wrote this letter, hoped to get to some place soon. 
        A             G 
I wanna get up when I wake up, 
           A          F 
but when I get up, I fall down." 
Julie wake up, Julie tell the story. 
You wrote the letter, said you were gonna get there some day. 
Gonna walk in the sun and the wind and the rain. 
Never walk back again, but now you fall down. 
You're falling down, you fall down, you fall down. 
Julie say something, Julie say you're sorry. 
You're gonna get better, you better not leave me here anyway. 
I wanna get up when you wake up, 
but when I get up, I fall down. 
I'm falling down, I fall down, I broke myself. 
I fall, I fall down. I'm falling down. 
I fall down when you fall down. 
When I'm falling down is when you're falling down. 
And when you fall down, I fall down, I fall down.
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