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Why Did You Go

Uriah Heep

Tablatura: Principal (guitarra)
Tom: C
  G                     C              
I woke up today with my head in daze 
          F    C   G 
'cause my love had gone 

With nothing to do just to dream about you 
And how we went wrong 
    Em             C 
But oh why did you go? 
            Am            D    D aug 
I loved you so didn't you know? 

C D C D 

I walk into town with my head hanging down 
Tryin' to hide my pain 
The people I meet. as I float down the street 
Tell me try again 

But oh why did you go 
I loved you so Ddidn't you know 

C D 

When I remember how good it was 
It makes me cry 
'Cause my life's been  
Turned upside down 
E                         Am 
All I want is someone but 
How do you say 
please will you stay 
Please will you stay? 

G C F-C-G 

I'll settle down to the life of a clown 
To remain alive 
I'll work till I bleed, and if I can succeed 
Maybe I'll survive 

But oh why did you go 
I loved you so Didn't you know  

Em C Em C Daug
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