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Come Back to Me

Uriah Heep

Tablatura: Principal (guitarra)
Tom: C
Introdução: C Am Dm G C Am Dm G C G C

  C            Am
Alone again, I feel so alone again
          Dm                     G  (C G)
With this emptiness I just can't hide
C                 Am
Picture me with a broken heart
Dm                        G    (C G)C
See the tears run down my face

                 G/B Am
Everything I had has gone
Everything is gone
F                          C G C
Loneliness still lingering on
                     G/B Am
Everything I thought was mine
Come back to me
                C        G
Can't we try it one more time
     C         (D G)
Come back to me

            D                    C   (D G)
I know I'll find another love in time
But you'll always be there
                  C    G
In the back of my mind
The power of love
          Bm       F
Can bring such pain
I still love you, I just love you

  C            Am               Dm
Alone again, I'm so alone again
                    G          (C G) C
With nothing but you on my mind               
Can't you see
            Am             Dm
What you've done to my life                   
What can I do to
        G         (C G)C
Win you back again
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    Composição: Ken Hensley / Lee Kerslake Colaboración y revision:
    • Alê Aguia

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