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when i look into your eyes i can see
such a sad man in disguise
dreaming, wishing, waiting, drifting from me i cant see
hurts my heart to see you cry
waiting, wishing, dreaming, drifting from me

i dont know you anymore, wish i knew what´s wrong
cant we try to slam that door, start a brand new song

i know you´re lonely and you cry, wondering why
i know you´re lonely but if once, you could help me
understand what it takes to be a man
look back on what you said and the life you lead
is it what you dreamed when you were young like me

and now its time you took something back just for the
sake of your mind. your mind. your mind.

when i look into your eyes i can see. life has buried
you alive, waiting, wishing, dreaming, drifting from me
you can breathe. hard as big as oceans wide, waiting, wishing
dreaming, drifting from me.

Composição de Ryan Key/Yellowcard
Colaboración y revision:
  • Francierton Lunguinho

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