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Our Day Will Come

Amy Winehouse

Tablatura: Principal (guitarra)
tono: Ab
Eb             F#7   Fm7            Bb7
Our day will come...and we'll have everything.
Eb               F#7   Fm7        Bb7
We'll share the joy...falling in love can bring.
Bbm7        Eb7
No one can tell me that I'm
    Ab7               Abm6
Too young to know...I love you so,
        Gm7  F#7 Fm7 Bb5+
And you love me.

Eb           F#7    Fm7          Bb7
Our day will come...   if we just wait awhile.
Eb           F#7  Fm7               Bb7
No tears for us...   think love and wear a smile.
Bbm7            Eb7
Our dreams have magic because
      Ab7              Abm6
We'll always love this way.
Gm7  Cm  Fm7  Bb7   Eb
Our day......will..come. (5x)
Composição de Bob Hilliard / Garson Mort
Colaboración y revision:
  • Rodrigo Silveira
  • Maria Costa
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