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Some Unholy War

Amy Winehouse

Cifrado: Principal (guitarra y guitarra eléctrica)
tono: Dm
[Intro] Am  G  F  E7 
        Am  G  F  E7 

      Am                             Bm7(5-)
If my man was fighting  some unholy war
I would be behind him 
Straight shook up beside him    
With strength he didn't know   
It's you I'm fighting for

Bb7M                      Am      
He can't lose with me in tow       
   Bb7M               Am
I refuse to let him go
Bb7M               Dm              
At his side and drunk on pride     
    Gm            F  E7
We wait for the blow

     Am                                   Bm7(5-)
Put he in writing  But who you're writing for
Just us on kitchen floor
      Am                                 Bm7(5-)
Justice done  reciting my stomach standing still 
 Like you're reading my will

Bb7M                                        Am
He still stands in spite of what his scars say
Bb7M                                Am
And I'll battle till this bitter finale
Bb7M           Dm                Gm     F  E7
Just me, my dignity and this guitar case

Am                                  Bm7(5-)
Yes, yes my man is fighting some unholy war
And I will stand beside you
But who you're dying for?     
I would have died too  
I'd liked to

        Am             G  F  
If my man was fighting                      
 E           Am  G  F  E
some unholy war  
If my man was fighting
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