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Holy Mother

Eric Clapton

Tablatura: Principal (guitarra)
Tom: B (con acordes en la forma de G) Capo en 4ª casa
Obs.: Bom, essa música é bem legal e fácil de tocar.
      Só precisa de um Capo na 4ª casa. Falow !!!!

(Capo 4th fret for authentic tuning)

   G                 C       G         Em                D/F#    G
      1   2   3   4     1   2   3   4    1   2   3   4     1   2   3   4

[G] Holy Mother, [C] where are [G] you?
[Em] Tonight I feel [D/F#] broken in [G] two.
[G] I've seen the stars fall [C] from the [G] sky.
[Em] Holy mother, can't [D/F#] keep from [G] crying.
[C] Oh I need your [G] help this time,
[Em] Get me through this [D/F#] lonely [G] night.
[C] Tell me please which [G] way to turn
[Em] To find myself a[D/F#]gain.
[G] Holy mother, [C] hear my [G] prayer,
[Em] Somehow I know [D/F#] you're still [G] there.
[G] Send me please some [C] peace of [G] mind;
[Em] Take a[D/F#]way this [G] pain.
I can't [C] wait, I can't [G] wait, I can't [Am] wait any [G] longer.
I can't [C] wait, I can't [G] wait, I can't [Em] wait for [D] you.
[G] Holy mother, [C] hear my [G] cry,
[Em] I've cursed your name a [D/F#] thousand [G] times.
[G] I've felt the anger running [C] through my [G] soul;
[Em] All I need is a [D/F#] hand to [G] hold.
[C] Oh I feel the [G] end has come,
[Em] No longer my [D/F#] legs will [G] run.
[C] You know I would [G] rather be
[Em] In your arms to[D/F#]night.
[G] When my hands no [C] longer [G] play,
[Em] My voice is still, I [D/F#] fade a[G]way.
[G] Holy mother, [C] then I'll [G] be
[Em] Lying in, [D/F#] safe within your [G] arms.
  Solo on Verse Four Times
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    Composição: Eric Clapton / Stephen Bishop Colaboración y revision:

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