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Venus Isle

Eric Johnson

Cifrado: Principal (guitarra y guitarra eléctrica)
tono: C
C6                 G7sus4       G
Long ago, from the wonderland
Bb                 Am   F  Gsus4
  Was a girl named Eve
    A7sus4  A/C#           Dm           Dm/C
She came to Earth from the mermaid sea
Gsus4         A7sus4  C6   A7sus4 C6
      That is when    love be  -  gan.

              G11        G
Speak of love inside you
              (With a mystic smile)
Bb                  Am        F Gsus4
Let us be         beside you
  (Showed us how to be)
    A7sus4        A/C#           Dm        Dm/C
But she's just here to stay with us awhile
G7sus4         A7sus4  C6   Gsus4 Ab  F
      There is much    more to    see

I'll be seeing you
Ab               F             C
  Climb into the skyride for a better view
Ab              F              C
  Let's make connection get on back in style
Ab             F           C6
  While we are here in the Venus Isle

                  G11          G
Then Eve said, "I miss you"
        (Now it's time to go)
Bb              Am        F G7sus4
        And, "I love you"
(This is not my home)
A7sus4     A/C#          Dm           Dm/C
A from her isle she said her goodbyes
  G7sus4    A7sus4  C6 Gsus4  Ab    F
And blasted off     to the    stars

So it starts with you
Ab                F                 C
  Let there be no secrets, all that we can do
Ab             F             C
  Let's make a symphony of a thousand smiles
Ab             F             C
  While we are here in these Venus Isles

(Ab F C)
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