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Guns N' Roses

Tablatura: Principal (guitarra)
Tom: D
It Seems Like Forever, And A Day,
 E5   Eb5+          C#5
If My Intentions, Were Misunderstood,
 E5  Eb5+          C#5
Please Be Kind, I've Done, All I Should...
 A5           B5
I Wont Ask, Of You, What I Would, Not Do...
 C#5   B5   A5       G5             F#5
Oh, I saw The Damage In You, My Fortunate One, The Ending Of You...
 B5      C#5     D5          A5     G#5    A5  D5  B5
Why Would They Tell Me To Please Go Then Laugh In My Face,
 B5 C#5      D5          A5            G#5   A5  D5 B5
When All Of The Reasons They Dont Ask All Over Themselves To Give Way

 progression as above

Its Not A Question Of Whether My Heart Is True,
Streamlined, I Had To Pull Through,
Look For, A New, Beginning,
On You, Oh, I've Got A Message For You,
A Better Way, Its What I've Got To Do... Give What You Have, For What You Might Lose...
What Would You Say If I Told You That I'm To Blame? And What Would You Do If I Had
To Deny, Your Name?

Where Would You Go If I Told You I Loved You And Then Walked Away?
Ooh, Yea, Who Should I Tell If Not For The Ones, That You Could Not Save, Ooh, Yea,

 A5   B5     G5            F#5            E5          D5        B5
I Told You When I Found You If There Was Doubts You Should Be Careful and Not
 G5       F#5        E5           D5    B5
Afraid Now They Surround You N' All That Amounts To Is Love That You've Crippled
For Fortune And Fame!

If My Affections Are Misunderstood And You, Decide, Im Up, To No Good Dont Ask, Me
To Enjoy Them, Just For You

Ask Yourself, What I Would Do
To Prostitute Myself,
To Live With Fortune And Shame

Ooh, Yea, When You Should Have Turned To The Hearts Of The Ones That You Would Not
Save, Ooh, Now,

I Told You When I Found You All That Amounts To Is Love That You've Crippled For Fortune And Fame!
Compositor Axl Rose / Paul Tobias
Colaboración y revision:
  • Rafael Mendonça
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