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The last day on earth

Marilyn Manson

Cifrado: Principal (guitarra y guitarra eléctrica)
tono: G
 Introdução Riff
E---0-----9------9----0-----9-----9------ |
B-----7-----7------7----7-----7-----7---- |
G-------0-----0-----------0-----0-------- |
D---------------------------------------- |
Este é o Riff da introdução, ela é tocada pela 1ª guitarra durante toda a introdução acompanhando a base e durante todo o Refrão.
           3×             1×
E------------- | ----------- |
B------------- | ----------- |
G---4--------- | -7---5---4- |
D---4---5---2- | -7---5---4- |
A---2---5---2- | -5---3---2- |
E-------3---0- | ----------- |
    B   G   Em    D   C   B
Verso/Bridge 1
E-------------------------------- |
B-------------------------------- |
G-----------5---------------7---- |
D---7---5---5---5---7---5---7---- |
A---7---5---3---5---7---5---5---- |
E---5---3-------3---5---3-------- |
    Am  G   C   G   Am  G   D
Bridge (Piano)
E-----------10-8----8-------------- |
B-----12---------12-----12----10--- |
G---9----12-----------9----12----9- |
D---------------------------------- |
E---2---0---2---2*--0*--2*- |
B---3---1---2---3*--1*--2*- |
G---2---0---4---2*--0*--4*- |
D---0---2---4---0*--2*--4*- |
A-------3---4-------3*--4*- |
E-----------2-----------2*- |
Intro Riff 
Verse x4 
Bridge 1                                            
Bridge 2 (Piano)
Verse x3
Bridge 1  x2 
Chorus x 2 
Bridge 2 (Piano) x2
Yesterday was a million years ago
In all my past lives I played an asshole
Now I found you, it's almost too late
And this earth seems obliviating
We are trembling in our crutches
High and dead our skin is glass
I'm so empty here without you
I crack and slipt my xerox hands
I know it's the last day on earth
We'll be togheter while the planet dies
I know it's the last day on earth
We'll never say goodbye
The dogs slaughter each other sotfly
Love burns its casualties
We are damaged provider modules
Spill the seeds at our children's feet
I'm so empty here without you
I know they want me dead
I know it's the last day on earth
We'll be together while the planet dies
I know its the last day on earth 
We'll never say goodbye...
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Otros videos de esta canción
Composición de Madonna Wayne Gacy / Marilyn Manson / Twiggy Ramirez
Colaboración y revisión:
  • Arlei França
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