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Wot's... Uh The Deal

Pink Floyd

Tablatura: Principal (guitarra)
Tom: C

G:       (x05433)
A6/7:    (xx4032)
F:       (x03031)
Dsus4/E: (x02030)
Gaug/E:  (xx1000)
D7:      (xx0212)
G:       (320003)
G7:      (320001)
Em:      (022000)
Am:      (x02210)
D9:      (xx0210)

Batida da musica: este esquema deve ser usado nos versos e na introdução apenas

        G               A6/7                F                 Dsus4/E          Gaug/E

      Riff               D7


INTRO: G  A6/7  F  Dsus4/E  Gaug/E  Riff  D7

G               A6/7
Heaven sent the promised land
F                       Dsus4/E
looks alright from where I stand
'cause I'm the man
       (Riff)            D7
on the outside looking in
G                A6/7
waiting on the first step
F                Dsus4/E
show me where the key is kept
Gaug/E                (Riff)
point me down the right line
'cause it's time

            G           G7
To let me in from the cold
          C    Em   Am
turn my lead into gold
'cause there's a chill wind
blowing in my soul
                        D7   D9
and I think I'm growing old

G                  A6/7
flash... the radies... wot's... uh the deal
F                       Dsus4/E
got to make it to the next meal
Gaug/E                  (Riff)             D7
try to keep up with the turning of the wheel
G                A6/7
mile after mile stone after stone
F                       Dsus4/E
you turn to speak but you're alone
Gaug/E              (Riff)
million miles from home
you're on your own

repetir o primeiro refrão... "To let me in..."

SOLO: Durante o solo deve-se repetir 3 vezes a introdução

G              A6/7
Fire bright by candle light
F                  Dsus4/E
with her by my side
Gaug/E             (Riff)             D7
if she prefers we need never stir again
G                   A6/7
someone sent the promised land
F                       Dsus4/E
 well I grabbed it with both hands
now I'm the man
      (Riff)             D7
on the inside looking out

        G             G7
Hear me shout come on in
C                         Em   Am
what's the news where you've been
               G                  G7
'cause there's no wind left in my soul
               D7  D9
and I've grown old
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Acordes para:
    Composição: David Gilmour / Roger Waters Colaboración y revision:
    • Alessandro lima

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