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What Will Become Of Us


Cifrado: Principal (guitarra y guitarra eléctrica)
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tono: C
                                        Passenger - What Will Become Of Us

This is my second set of chords Iv'e put together. 
The song is a song that works best when finger picked however I thought it would 
be nice to have a simpler version, because that can be tricky to get your head around. 
Plus if you want to create a similar sound you can always just pick the A string 
with the G and B strings, but whatever floats your boat. 

        G   C   F   Am  

Capo: 5

Enjoy :)

      F               C
Well, wood burns, and metal rusts,
    G               C
So, darling, what’s to become of us,
         Am                     C
When the weather turns, and they say it must,
    F           G                      C
Well, we’ll need coats for the both of us,
        F                C
But the wool is thin and it’s full of holes,
            G               C
And there’s no heat in this abandoned bus,
          Am            C
So will we go alone, out on our own,
   F        G                   C
Oh, darling, what’s to become of us

     F          C
Well, boats sink into the sea,
    G                         C 
And airplanes that crash like computer screens,
    Am            C
And signals fail, trains derail,
    F          G             C
And car bonnets crumple like magazines,
      F                   C
‘Til they’re put in piles like stacks of tiles,
      G                      C
In a yard full of fridges and broken stuff,
        Am           C
Will we go alone out on our own,
    F        G                   C  
Oh, darling, what’s to become of us

   C                       F
We will bite our noses off to spite our faces,
               G               C              G
Both of us will rust like metal fences in the rain,
        C                     F
You will pour the gasoline and I will spark the matches,
       G                     C       G      
We will burn within our fire, we will burn within our flames

     F                  C
Well, yeast ferments and milk sours,
   G                            C
When it’s out of the fridge for too many hours,
        Am        C
Well, we lament in separate towers,
     F                G                 C
Never knowing if we’re brave or if we’re cowards,
        F                     C
For they pour cement down this hole of ours,
            G                      C
And we’ll be stuck under stones and flowers,
       Am            C
Will we go alone out on our own,
   F               G                   C
Oh, darling, that’s what will become of us
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