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Obstinate Intro

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Tablatura: Principal (guitarra)
Tom: F#
In transit DVD - ObstinateHey Guys, here´s the intro,it´s pretty easy, I´m working on the keyboard tab and chords. wanted to submit this tab as soon as possible cuz there´s no obstinate guitar tab on net, or at least I couldn´t find it. e----5---7---5----------5---7---5--| B -7---7---7---7------7---7---7----| G ---------------------------------| D ---------------------------------| A ---------------------------------| E ---------------------------------| e 9--11--9--9--x3--9-13-11-9-------| B 9--11--9--9------9-13-11-9-------| G ---------------------------------| D ---------------------------------| A ---------------------------------| E ---------------------------------|Yeah but that´s it...
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