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Green Day

Tablatura: Principal (guitarra)
Tom: C
Intro/Verse ( G5 2x   C5 2X  G5) 4x

Clenching my teeth tight
My head is like a sponge
Give it to me free

E5 - G5 ( Chorus)
I wanna get ripped off
And drown in the airwaves
Another fatal wreck
On the information highway

(A5 - F5)
So go ahead and kill yourselves
It all amuses me
( A5 - G5 - F5 )
For I'll be damned to spend my life in hell
Another wise ingrate …

(G5 2x   C5 2X  G5 )
Bring me blood and pain
Of a stranger's fate
Give it all away

Gimme, gimme now…

(G5 2x   C5 2X  G5) Pm..
I'm desensitized
I wanna watch the bomb
Blow the masses hig  ( Chorus )

( G5 2x   C5 2X  G5) 4x   Fim...
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