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It's So You


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It's so you
You're the one that's burning me upside down and up
It's so you
You're the one running hot and cold
Then not showing up
It's so you, it's so you, it's so you, yeah

It's all part of growing up, yeah
Being misinformed and
I fancy something new
It's so you
So you

You're the one that's been letting me down
All this time baby
It's so you
I won't forget those days, that's right
You let me down
And now it's so you, yeah

Well, now the birds are breaking down
A hundred bells are ringing out
Yes, it's time for me to move (I'd better move out babe)
I'm confused (tell me about it) and that's you, yeah
Yeah, yeah
That's the way you are, that's you, ooh

You know it's true, yeah, hey
It's a part of growing up
Being misinformed and playing cynical
That's time for, it's time for me to move
That's so you
That's only you, yeah
Just you, yeah
There's nothin' I can do
Only you, yeah

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