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Unclean Mind


Cifrado: Principal (guitarra y guitarra eléctrica)
Selo Cifra Club: esta cifra foi revisada para atender aos critérios oficiais da nossa Equipe de Qualidade.
tono: Em
B5 C5

D5            C5     B5 C5
Held inside a party
D5             C5    B5 C5
Catered by the mind
D5              C5     B5 C5
For emotional behavior
D5                C5
And irrational design

G5                        E5
Tried to hide you from my unclean mind (my unclean mind)
A5          C5
Put it in a costume
G5                           E5
Share your pattern with your perfect lies (perfect lies)
A5     C5      B5
Let it follow me
      C5      B5     C5       B5
With a foreign and a chemical remove
B5       C5
Speeding through me
B5          C5              A5   C5
You're only waiting on some high
G5        D5*            C5   A5
And interference with my mind
G5                   D5**
Your patterns hold me

G5                   E5
Try to rearrange the unclean mind (unclean mind)
A5             C5
With a pathway through
G5                   E5
Guided right along a polished frame (a polished frame)
D5            C5        B5
Send an empty bottle to sea

B5   C5    B5     C5     B5
In a hollow and interior disguise
Rearrange me
B5          C5               A5   C5
You leave me hanging all the time
G5           D5            C5     A5
Your fingers move me from inside
G5              D5**
They're cutting through me

[Verse 2]

B5  C5

B5      C5     B5  C5
Erratic bodies
B5         C5         A5     C5
Our lovely ruins held inside
G5          D5              C5    A5
Your formal gestures get me high
G5             D5**
Such strange behavior

B5 C5

D5                C5    B5 C5
If only I could program
D5               C5     B5 C5
Try to throw the future
D5               C5      B5 C5
I'm scanning the horizon
D5                C5
But I'm coming up behind
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