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Tablatura: Principal (guitarra)
Tom: A#
Intro: (G) (Bb) (Eb F) (D C) x 2
(G)Some deny and (Bb)search for things that never come a(Eb)round. Do I feel like a (D)fool?
(G)The places I have (Bb)ran to all my life have disap(Eb)peared, and I owe this all to (D)you (owe to you)

(G)I'm feeling like I'm (Bb)sinking, and (Eb)nothing's there to catch me, keep me (D)breathing

(G)What do I have to do?
(Bb)Why can't this hurt be through?
(Eb)I'm going head unto
(D)Something I know I will (G)fail
Why can't this kiss be (Bb)true
Why won't you please let me (Eb)through?
I don't understand (D)why you always push me a(G)way 

(G)The last thing I would (Bb)like to do before I go a(Eb)way is cry there next to (D)you (next to (G)you)
Cry and talk a(Bb)bout the good old days and where they've (Eb)gone
And now how much I hate (D)you

Repeat Chorus

(Eb) (D5+) (Cm) (Cm)
(Eb)I feel the blood drip off my (D)body as it falls right there (G)on the ground
What am I now?

(G)What (Bb)am I now? (Eb)What (D)am I now?

Repeat Chorus

[(G)Why you always push me away
(Bb)Why you always push me away
(Eb)Why you always push me away
(D)Why you always push me away] x2
Compositor Atticus Ross / Korn / Zac Baird
Colaboración y revision:
  • Catuí Suarez
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