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Starting Over


Tablatura: Principal (guitarra)
Tom: A
Intro: (E oscilating towards F, continues throughout 1st verse). 
(A - bass line in contratempo)Got to face your fear, lying on the floor
(C)step into nothing, (Bb)what the hell am I here (A)for?
So come on and play, stab me in my heart
(C)So long this time was (Bb)wasted ripping me a(A)part

We are the hurt inside your (C)head
Lost in the (Bb)void of what is (A)dead
Constantly twisting things I´ve (C)said
Happiness is (Bb)boring, need pain in (guitar:A)stead.

It's starting over, (A)starting over
(A)Can't stand it's over, (C)God is gonna (Bb)take me (A)out
My time is over, (A)this time is over
(A)Why is this over? (C)God is gonna (Bb)take me (A)out 

((A) (A) (A) (C-Bb) x2)

(bass line as verse 1)
Crawling on the floor, all around this space
Talking to myself
(guitar:Bb)What is this thing I've got to (A)face?
Walking through a door, has it been a waste?
Going on and on thinking I could find my (A)place

(guitar accompanies the bass: We are the hurt...)
(Repeat Chorus)
((A) (A) (A) (C)God is gonna (Bb)take me (A)out
(A) (A) (C)God is gonna (Bb)take me out)
[(E’) (E’) (D) (B)]
[(E’) (E’) (G’-D) (B-C-D)]
(sung over guitar line above)
You can't / see, I'm torn a/way from you and / everything that's //
close to / me. I cannot / face the truth, it's / nothing that//
I be/lieve, just run a/way from me and /thank me when you're //
free from / me  / Come / take me /   //
   / Come / take me /  //
   / Come / take me /  //
(cease bass, guitar)
   / Come / take me /  //
   / Come / take me /  //
(back) Come take me (We are the hurt inside your head)
(Lost in the void of what is dead)
Come take me (Constantly twisting things I said.
Happiness is boring, need pain instead) x2
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Acordes para:
    Composição: Atticus Ross / Korn / Zac Baird Colaboración y revision:
    • Catuí Suarez

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