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Say It's Not True


Tablatura: Principal (guitarra)
tono: C
Verse 1:
              C                          Fmaj7
the harder we play,        the faster we fall.
                      Am                                      G
when we think that we know it all,       we know nothing at all.
             C                                  Fmaj7
the letter arrived,        like a bolt from the blue.
                      Am                                         G
so whats left of your lives,             all your dreams lost to you.

            F                       C                             Am
say it's not true           say it today            when i open my eyes
will it all go away
            F                         C                               Dm   F
say it's not true           Say it for real      Can't be happening to you
can't be happening to me

Verse 2:
                C                           Fmaj7
it's hard not to cry             it's hard to believe
                      Am                                 G
so much heartache and pain             so much reason to grieve
                    C                                               Fmaj7
with the wonders of science             and all the knowledge we've stored
                   Am                                      G
magic coctails for lives               people just can't afford

            F                                 C
say it's not true          you can say its not right
              Am                            G
it's hard to believe         the size of the crime
            F                                   C     Am
say it's not true            you can say its not real
                        Dm             Fm                     C
could be happening to you               could be happening to me

Chords Used

    C  Fmaj7   Am   G     F   Dm    Fm
Composição de Brian May / Paul Rodgers / Roger Taylor
Colaboración y revision:
  • Bruno Hoffmann
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