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Tablatura: Principal (guitarra)
Tom: C
Drop D tuning
Intro: (D)(Eb)(D)(Eb)
(D)I'm diggin' with my fingertips
(Eb)I'm ripping at the ground I stand u(D)pon. I'm searchin' for fragile bones ((Eb)Evolution)
(D)I'm never gonna be refined
(Eb)Keep tryin' but I won't assimilate
(D)Sure, we have come far in time
((Eb)Watch the bow break)

(D)And I'm sorry I don't be(Eb)lieve
By the evidence that I (D)see
That there's any hope left for (Eb)me
It's evo(D)lution.(C) Just evo(Ab)lution.(F)

And (D)I, I do not dare de(F)ny
The basic beast in(G)side
It's right here, it's com(D)trolling my mind
And (D)why do I deserve to (F)die?
I'm dominated (G)by this animal that's (D)locked up inside

Repeat Intro

(D)Close up to get a real good view
(Eb)I'm betting that the species will sur(D)vive. Hold tight, I'm getting inside you ((Eb)Evolution)
(D)And when we're gonna find these bones
(Eb)They're gonna wanna keep them in a jar. (D)The number one virus caused by

(D)And the planet may go astray
(Eb)In a million years, I say
(D)'Cause motherfuckers, we're all der(Eb)ranged
It's evo(D)lution.(C) Just evo(Ab)lution.(F)

Repeat Chorus

(D)Take a look around
Nothing much has changed x2

(D)Take a look around, take a look around
(E)Take a look around (Nothing much has changed) Take a look around  x2

Repeat Chorus

[(D)-(F)-(G)Why (D)
(D)Why do I deserve to (F)die? (G) (D)]
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    Composição: Korn / Zac Baird Colaboración y revision:
    • Catuí Suarez

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