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You Wanted The Best, You Got The Best


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Make-Up or break up - 'cause we've seen better days
(Yeah) They'll have to drag you kickin' & screamin' off the
Listen - don't do me favors - don't show your face
Don't tell me not to play 'cause its not your place

The fans wanted us to play - We hear & we obey
You Wanted The Best & You Got The Best

Don't give me glances - don't give me lies
Don't give me sweet talk - the beat just testifies
Hey- you live in fairy tales - Your just a fallen star
(Right) Well, who died & made you king, just who do you
think you are?

Everything's gotten way out of hand - but your wish is our
You Wanted The Best & You Got The Best

Composição: Gene Simmons Colaboración y revision:
  • Gabriela Almeida

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